Common Laptop Problems

Common Laptop Problems

If you are like most people, you rely on your laptop for school, work and entertainment and it’s almost impossible to live without this important device. But what happens when your machine is suddenly not starting or there’s no sound coming from it? We are all familiar with these kinds of challenges. Before you rush it to the next computer repair expert, here are some common laptop problems you can try and fix.

The laptop fails to start

If your computer hasn’t had any issues before and it’s suddenly not starting, start by checking whether the power cable is plugged in. Ensure the computer is charging and then make sure the power button is not stuck. Try plugging the cable in a different socket that you’re sure is working. Computers will shut down unexpectedly because of battery problems, a damaged power connector or overheating due to fan failure. If this doesn’t work it could be a problem with the software that needs to be handled by an expert.

Sticky or broken keys

Keys are bound to experience wear and tear over the years so don’t be surprised if your old laptop has missing keys. When the keys get stuck or they are no longer functioning, it could be as a result of spilled beverages or food.

Hard drive failure

Most hard drives malfunction due to vibrations and shock. Whenever you carry your laptop, always ensure that the hard drive is empty to prevent it from getting damaged. The hard drive will need to be replaced by a technician.

Slow internet connection

If you’ve noticed a drop in internet speed, reboot the computer and the rooter. If the problem still persists, it could be a malware or spyware infection that is interfering with wireless connection. Contact a computer software repair technician for help.

No sound

If your laptop doesn’t emit any sound, check that there’s no problem with your headphones or speakers that are connected to the port. Make sure the volume is turned up and that the sound is not muted. If you notice the laptop doesn’t emit sound only when you don’t use speakers or earphones, there could be a disconnected cable in the motherboard.

USB ports don’t recognize devices

In this case, there’s probably an issue with the USB drivers. This is a software problem that can be handled remotely by a technician. If you’re looking for PC repair specialists in the Triangle area, check out our colleagues from

Before starting any computer repairs, remember to back up all your data. Don’t try any repairs that you don’t feel comfortable doing on your own. It’s always best to call in an expert!


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